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 ProtoHype means promoting or building something unique which is yet to be released, Well this is what we do best :)  

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 We provide a range of creative pre and post production services, including CGI, visual effects & photography for commercials, television and film productions. We have done work for studios & production houses around the world from initial sketches and storyboards to final digital delivery on-time within their budget.

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 With our easy to work with proprietary tools & scripts, methods and technologies make typical vfx softwares perform far better than usual. We are the one of the most effective, innovative, highly-efficient, motivated studio, which destined making its own identity and destiny.


About Us

 ProtoHype Film Works a.k.a  PH Film Works in short, is an independent Pre & Post Production House, specialized in Roto, Paint & Matchmove, with a global vision,
run by seasoned vfx professionals.

Specialized Services

Specialized Services -

Paint/ Clean-up
Camera Track/ Matchmove & Layout

Miscellaneous Services:​
Pre & Post Visualization
Onset Photography & Supervision

Other Services

Other Services we offer -

Modelling & Texturing
Rigging & Animation

DMP & Environment
Keying & Compositing

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ProtoHype Film Works

Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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